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------------ Deutsche Version unten We are a young Berlin based full service agency. Our highly efficient remote working process brings the best of skills from Germany and around the world to deliver projects of all sizes at very competitive rates. We believe in building relationships and take pride in our work and in our team that comprises skilled people from different areas who work with authenticity, passion and empathy. --------------------------------- Wir sind eine junge Full-Service-Agentur mit Sitz in Berlin. Unser hocheffizienter Remote-Ansatz vereint die besten Fachkräfte aus Deutschland und der ganzen Welt, um Projekte jeder Größe zu sehr wettbewerbsfähigen Preisen zu realisieren. Wir glauben an den Aufbau echter, tragfähiger Beziehungen - und sind stolz auf unsere Arbeit und unser vielseitiges Team, das aus qualifizierten Experten aus den unterschiedlichsten Bereichen besteht. Authentizität, Leidenschaft und Einfühlungsvermögen stellen hierbei wichtige Säulen unserer Kooperation dar. ...


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Melody Taylor-Fliege


Varun and his team have been instrumental in helping me transitioning my homepage between two providers, in the process redesigning the page, and also making it more user friendly. This included setting up the page with a contract for a domain, editing the page, working on page design in close cooperation with me, and finally developing 3 on-line coaching tools that needed special coding for implementation. Siddhee helped resolve carrying my dated blog posts forth on my new website to avoid the cost for an old domain to keep the old blog posts alive. The coaching tools, thereby, were of major importance to me. I didn't have an exact idea for the appearance of the coaching tools, just a visual basis from where to start. However, the team developed the tools into functional and optically pleasant electronic coaching tools. For simplicity, these are now all displayed on my home page rather than separate pages for each tool. In total, I would state that Varun and his team were technically capable of accomplishing the tasks we had agreed on. They also used some creativity in creating the website and coding the coaching tools. They stayed mostly in budget, except where extra cost couldn’t be avoided....